Malta Why It’s Europe’s Top Off The Radar Destination (Infographic)

The entire team here at Many Malta Apartments are rather unsurprisingly huge fans of Malta. What with world class weather, gorgeous beaches, friendly locals and rich history and culture..what’s not to love?

Though with over 200,000 people typing ‘where is Malta’ into Google a year (yes it’s true…we checked!) we figure Malta is still a little off the radar.


Malta receives less than 10% of the visitors that Greece does and even more strangely just 70% of the visitors that Serbia gets annually.


Deciding on which points to included and exclude in the infographic was that hardest part. After days of debate, arguing and name calling we narrowed it down to just 8 sections.

Obviously our nationally prized Maltese wine made the final cut, though scroll down and check out the infographic to see which other 7 points we included.


Without further delay, we present..



Malta holiday destination infographic

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