Finding Jobs in Malta

Finding Jobs in Malta

The beautiful island of Malta has great job offerings and career opportunities for people from all different walks of life. With its thriving technology sector and booming tourism industry, high profile companies in Malta are looking to fill vacancies all year round.

Working in Malta will definitely provide numerous advantages such as living and working in a breathtaking environment and being part of a strong English-speaking labor force.


The official languages in Malta are English and Maltese, although Italian is widely spoken. It is a great advantage if you can speak and write in Maltese and it would be a bonus if you know Italian since it is considered to be the island’s main commercial partner.

Today, the majority of expats are employed in the IT and tourism industry, although other sectors are continuously seeking professionals who can fill the different job vacancies.



Types of Jobs Available



  • Sales Executive

This position will require the candidate to have experience with the travel language market and knowledge of foreign languages will be an advantage.


  • Account Clerk

The job includes the use of a payroll system and performing general accounting duties.


  • Customer Support Operator

Candidates should have excellent verbal English and written communication skills to be qualified for the job.


  • Receptionist

The hired person will be in charge of meeting and greeting clients, answering calls, dealing with check-ins and check-outs, answering questions, reservations, and any other concern that customers may have.

Knowledge of Maltese, English, and other languages such as German or French will be an asset.


  • Web Marketing Specialist

The candidate will be in charge of designing and executing, as well as monitoring the results of all web marketing activities.



Aside from these jobs, more employment opportunities are available for those professionals who belong in the following industries:


  • IT
  • Tourism and service
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Merchant shipping
  • Manufacturing



Job Websites


When searching for a job in Malta, there are various websites that you can use where opportunities can be found and have higher response rates. These websites will increase your chances of getting hired.


Companies pay to post jobs to this websites. This means that it is not cluttered by ads and the job offers here offer great pay and higher quality positions.


This is the government job board in Malta that offers a wide range of opportunities. The jobs here range from the entry level low paying positions to the higher paying opportunities.


This website provides job offers on a daily basis. You can set job alerts via e-mail so you are updated automatically.


This website has job postings from employers and recruitment agencies. Jobseekers can also upload their resumes online so that companies and recruiters can approach them.


This website is more of a social network that allows jobseekers to connect with companies who are looking for professionals.



Pay Rates in Malta


The average working week in is Malta 40 hours, the most is 48 of which the extra 8 hours are paid as overtime. For those working full time, their minimum weekly salary is € 166.26 and for part-time workers, they get an hourly salary of € 4.16.

A typical work day in Malta starts at 8:30 in the morning and ends at 5:30 in the afternoon including the lunch break. Workers are also entitled to have 25 days of paid holiday and 14 Maltese public holidays.



Work Visas in Malta


Citizens of dull European Member Countries can live and work in Malta without a work permit or a Visa. Nationals from other countries can visit and stay in Malta for three months without a visa.

On the other hand, all non-EU nationals need to secure a work permit to be able to work in Malta. The work permit is issued to employers who wish to engage foreigners for specific purpose and period of time.

However, the work permit will only be issued if the employer can prove that no Maltese citizen is fit for the job. It will only be issued by the Director of Labor based on the given condition and upon the request of the potential employer.



Necessary documents when applying for a work permit


  • Valid and up-to-date passport
  • Certificate of good moral
  • Letter from potential employer stating the job description and employment details



Renewal of Work Permit


In most cases, work permits are valid for one year from the date of issue. There are also three-year permits available, but this is only obtained upon the request of the employer. It is also possible to renew the work permit after it has expired.
Whether your reason for going to Malta is for a business trip, study, holiday, volunteer, work, or as an emigrant be sure to acquire accurate and up-to-date information from the official website of the Malta Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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